10 Tweets on “What Life Consists Of” (Luke 12:13-34)

Here last weekend’s sermon in 10 tweets:

1/ Jesus told stories to help us see we are part of a bigger story.

2/ Our lives are shaped by the story we believe we are in.

3/ When I got up thinking I had slept an extra hour, I felt refreshed. When I discovered I hadn’t, I was drained. 

4/ Have you ever become the villain in someone else’s story? 

5/ This passage about what life really consists of. It doesn’t consist of the abundance of our possessions. Life is about God. Life is eternal.

6/ For someone to think the earth-bound Jesus should take time to settle financial disputes is to give $ way more importance than he should. 

7/ “This coffee is cold.”

8/ The parable of the rich fool is about how foolish it is to live as if life consisted in the abundance of our possessions.

9/ When you give now in light of eternity and for the sake of Jesus’ mission, you can expect to find treasure in heaven. 

10/ Greed is only a symptom of a poorer story.

Watch the sermon here.