10 Tweets on "God's Providence (Part 2)" - Ruth 2-3

Here last weekend’s sermon in 10 tweets:

1/ God’s providence calls for action, beginning with hard work.

2/ Hard work doesn't = good things coming our way. There were other faithful, poor hard working widows who didn't experience the same results.

3/ God’s providence calls for strategic planning. Faith isn’t about simply letting events unfold. 

4/ Moses, Joshua, David, and Nehemiah were all strategic planners and thinkers in the Bible. Add to that list Naomi.

5/ Don’t make the mistake of calling what Naomi does “manipulative” and calling what the men in the Bible do “strategic.” 

6/ God’s providence calls out compassionate generosity. 

7/ Allowing gleaning was exceptional. It was on mission. Every farmer who allowed it tangibly saw how much $ they were leaving for the poor.

8/ “I already got five dollars.”

9/ When we’re not generous it’s because we fail to know what is enough and that our enough is a gift of God. 

10/ When I fail to give generously, I’m dipping into what belongs to God & declaring that what he has given me is not enough.

Watch the sermon here.