10 Tweets on "Why Judges?" (Judges 2)

Here is last weekend's sermon in 10 Tweets from our "The Promised Land (Joshua & Judges) series:

1/ You'll likely have one of two reactions to reading Judges, one represented by Lois and one by me: depressed or fascinated. 

2/ This is not a book of heroes. The more truly heroic, the less Judges focuses on that judge.

3/ As the people worsen, so do the judges.

4/ The lack of overt condemnation of the judges doesn't equate to endorsement or indifference. The results speak for themselves.

5/ There is a dark side to every hero throughout history. But every human hero creates a longing for the one true hero.

6/ Every deliverance in Judges is purely an act of grace.

7/ There is a battle going on for your soul (and the souls of the next generation) and there are no breaks in the battle. 

8/ And there arose another generation who neither knew the Lord or what he had done for Israel. And the people did evil… (Judges 2:10-11))

9/ The key to victory is to know the story of God--head and heart knowing. 

10/ It's not a question of whether or not a child will be indoctrinated. It's a question of who will do the indoctrinating. 

Indoctrinate Your Kids? Yes!