10 Tweets on "The Upside of Judgment, Fear, and Failure" (Judges 6-8)

Here are 10 tweets from last weekend's sermon in our "The Promised Land" series through Joshua and Judges:

The BMW Isetta 300

The BMW Isetta 300

1/ If we fail to understand the problem, we are doomed to repeat it. We won't grow.

2/ There is a kind of judgement that is merciful & full of grace. There is a kind of non-judgment that can only come from hate or indifference.

3/ Sometimes we have to wade the judgment (or consequences) before we reach the mercy of God.

4/ Gideon's use of a "fleece" is not presented as an example to be followed.

5/ Gideon will become what he currently is not because of God's presence with him, not his inherent valor. 

6/ God sees who you will become because of who he is shaping you to be.

7/ Beware of success becoming your snare. Gideon forgot the lesson of the 300.

8/ The odds are never against you when you simply do what God says.to do. 

9/ We are fools when we fail to see the danger lurking in success. 

10/ Tim Keller: "We need to remember that we are saved by grace when we fail. But we need to remember it much more when we succeed."