The Weekend - "Why Judges?"

If I told you I was reading a book that uncovers the dark side of heroes past, uncovering all the dirt on their lives, you'd probably tell me to find better reading material or decry the modern journalistic penchant for uncovering dirt and sensationalizing sin. 

But you might be surprised to discover that I'm reading the Bible, Judges in particular. One of the interesting features of Judges is that it focuses the most on the judges who were the worst human beings or examples of weak faith. And it does it for good reason. 

Knowing the reason helps us understand better why Judges (and most of the rest of the books in the Bible) leave few faith heroes sins hidden. Why the Bible seems to major on exposing the dirt. 

Come this weekend to learn how to read Judges and to look at the hinge verse that haunts parents. And come to pray, to sing songs of worship to God and to one another, and to encourage your brothers and sisters in Christ to love well and do good deeds.