10 Tweets on "Remember, Renew" (Joshua 24)

Here are 10 tweets I noted from Dan's sermon on the weekend in our "The Promised Land (Joshua & Judges)" series:

1/ What we remember about God dictates what we believe about God and how we will live.

2/ Shechem is a place of altars, a place of memories. 

3/ God calls. God started it. This was not Abraham's idea.

4/ God never calls us to feel a certain way. There is always an action.

5/ God's call to go-do is always beyond us. God has to do it.

6/ God calls you to do something you can't be/ in doing he wants to do something in you that you.

7/ As Joshua recalls the story of God, the people see how God did it because it was beyond them.

8/ Joshua plays the greatest hits of the story of God, volume 1.

9/ Do you hear the whisper of the gospel of grace in Joshua's words?

10/ Stories stir faith. 

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