10 Tweets on "Courageous Leadership" (Joshua 10)

Here are 10 Tweets from my sermon in "The Promised Land (Joshua & Judges) series:


1/ God is calling all of us to be leaders (influencers). I was an influencer in my neighborhood growing up.

2/ God doesn't want you to simply lead by accident. He wants you to lead on purpose.

3/ Whatever decision Joshua makes it will be wrong: break the oath or break the mandate. But he must decide. 

4/ Courageous leaders lead into the uncertainty. There is no Bible verse that resolves Joshua's tension.

5/ Courageous leaders step out, trusting God with their decision.

6/ What do you learn about God from fact that he blesses Joshua's decision in spite of his mistake?

7/ It was God's battle and it was his to win and it was he who won it.

8/ The conquest of Canaan also represents an ongoing spiritual battle involving God and us. 

9/ Jesus came to do battle with evil, but first he secures his people.

10/ "Death is swallowed up in victory...therefore be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord."

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