10 Tweets

Here's my sermon in 10 Tweets, “Why Marriage?" (Matthew 19:1-6; Genesis 2:18-25; 1:26-28), Loveology: Love, Sex and Relationships in the Story of God

Loveology - Week 2 from Five Oaks Church on Vimeo.

1/ I’ve officiated in a lot of weddings, but only once did I threaten to pull out days before wedding...

2/ What I wanted to say: "I have no idea what to tell you, but please ask your parents to stop calling me."

3/ What do you do when locked in a conflict? There is rarely only one way to resolve the issues we fight about.

4/ What would Jesus say if they were sitting in his office. Mat. 19:1-6 suggests he'd take them back to God's purposes for marriage.

5/ "You’re asking me tell you who is right or to miraculously come up with a compromise. But you’re asking the wrong question."

6/You should be asking, "What does God want for my marriage?"

7/ Marriage is for friendship, companionship, fellowship. How is this being served by your conflict & what you want out of it?

8/ “So, you’re arguing about how often to clean the bathroom. How well is this serving your together-mission?

9/ If you believe this, how does it change the nature of your conversation?

10/ How will your solution reflect  the self-giving, mutual service you see in the Bible between Father, Son and Holy Spirit?”