10 Tweets & 2 Links

Here's last weekend's sermon in 10 Tweets: Rule of Life: God in My Everything, “Eating, Exercising, Playing, Sleeping” IMG_8044

1/ When it comes to ordinary stuff, the Bible makes one thing very clear: There is no ordinary with God.

2/ Purity Laws made the Jews outwardly distinct & taught that even the ordinary belonged to God

3/ Every time they dressed, ate, had sexual intercourse, worked the land...they thought about God & their identity as his people

4/ Jesus fulfills the purity & ceremonial laws. We no longer keep them. Does this mean the ordinary stuff of life doesn’t matter to God?

5/ God owns it all. Our very bodies are a temple of the Holy Spirit (if we belong to him).

6/ Everything is a matter of stewardship. God owns everything. And he personally cares about the smallest details of our lives.

7/ Bring glory to God in everything in our ordinary lives—eating, sleeping, playing, exercising.

8/ Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 1.02.58 PM

9/ Counter neglect in these things with stewardship.

10/ Counter obsession in these things with worship.

A couple of helpful links:

  • First Place for Health - Check out the info on this group that meets at Five Oaks here. New session beginning in early April.
  • Mike Cosper on how to apply the gospel to dieting in "Grace motivated...dieting?"