Tuesday Memo

Hi Five Oakers, Here are most of the comments and questions from last weekend's Communication Cards:

Last Sunday morning at Five Oaks. Can you see your car?

// Pastor, you are wise, caring and entertaining and your staff is top-notch! I appreciate your work and the work of the entire church staff. God bless you.

// My kids Norah (8 yrs.) and Bjorn (6 yrs.) LOVE Five Oaks!

// Really enjoyed the worship set and the new song. Terrific message Henry. Loved the reading describing the Truman Movie. Great closing song – beautiful crescendo.

// What blessing do we forfeit if God calms the storm?

// The largest and most populous places of worship are professional and collegiate sports arenas. Comments from the pulpit reinforce this frivolous, ephemeral idolatry, which encourages sedentary living.

// Your camping story is yet another reason I don’t like camping. People believe “fight or flight” are the only response to fear but “freeze’ is also one.

// Thanking God that I am always loved and forgiven even after I allow the devil into my heart. Thanking God for pushing the devil out and claiming me as His!