Wednesday Memo

Here are most of the comments and questions from the weekend Communication Cards: MinstryWall_MockUp-1

// Thanks for a very powerful message, Henry!

// Thanks, Henry. Great stuff. Helps in working with an in-law who prays frequently, but not saved.

// Henry, that was a God sent and hope filled message that you delivered. I consistently struggle with having enough faith and you have filled me with hope. I have enough faith, now get on with loving others and loving God even more! Thank you worship band! Thank you!

// Loved the depth in prayer, focused on the lordship of Christ on the throne, especially as a mother of teens/20 stages. Thanks!

// Kent (small groups), Sarah B and Tim B. rock! Also Story of God is so great!

// First church…there is a lot of tension at that church.

// Thanks for the worship guys.

// Loved the hymn at the end.

// Potluck?! Awesome! [Yep. Going retro for the congressional meeting. Should be fun!]