10 Tweets

Here's my sermon from last weekend in 10 Tweets, "Praying in a Crisis," Acts 12:1-17IMG_8592 2

1/ The only thing you need to bring to prayer is faith. And if you are praying, you have enough faith.

2/ No matter what you do in prayer or who you are, you don't always get what you want.

3/ If ur theo. doesn't make room for God to say "no" to something he will always say "yes" to in the new creation, you need to adjust ur theo

4/ Having more faith won't get more prayers answered. You just need enough faith. How much is enough? Luke 17:5-6

5/ Faith is trusting God enough to do what he says, even if you don't feel it or if you've got your doubts.

6/ It's not about getting it right.

7/ When we're desperate we're dependent on him. We draw close. We attach ourselves to him.

8/ God wants us to realize that everything that really matters will be experienced with him and accomplished for him.

9/ God is so attached to us that God the Son finds himself in a garden praying a desperate prayer.

10/ Even Jesus didn't get what he wanted.