Monday Memo

Here are most of the comments and questions from the weekend Communication Cards: Chandeliers

// Shout out to the people who decorate the stage! We are blessed by your creativity! You’ve out done yourselves. [I can't believe they found all those chandeliers! Unbelievable. That same team has been busy also working on the Christmas decorations that will be up by next weekend. Creative and tireless!]

// Appreciated Henry’s honesty and show of vulnerability! Leaders don’t do this enough.

// I wish you had a women’s Bible study in the evening as there are a lot of women who work and can’t attend a women’s Bible study in the morning. [It may not be what you're looking for, but women's BSF meets on Mondays at Five Oaks in the evening. Several of our women are involved in that. You might want to check it out.]

// I brought three friends with me today and I truly couldn’t be more proud to call Five Oaks my church home.

// Love the new set! Great job worship team!

// Love this message and three tips! Thank you!

// Excellent service.

// Opening worship set was powerful, as was the response set.  [I thought the worship team was incredible. The songs, the number of folks who led songs so well, Dan's guidance though the readings, etc. were all powerful.]

// Great worship, thank you band. Great message Henry!

// This is our last Sunday here. We are moving to FL. We will miss Five Oaks. Henry, thank you for always teaching God’s Word and desiring that we should learn and know God’s story and the love of Jesus.  Cathy Mahlum [God bless you as you make FL your home and as you look for a solid church.]

// Love the chandeliers – if I were a visitor I would want to go to this church – glad it’s my church home. Thank you Henry, life-changing fresh shift from sharing my “early Christian four-year-old conversion story and bringing faith messages” to my day to day conversations.

// Our worship team has so much talent. Thank you for your hard work! The new decorations on stage are beautiful – thank you! Happy Thanksgiving Five Oaks Church!

// Dan prepares us for the word, even when he is not leading the vocals. So effective with congregational readings. Thanks for being so transparent that we see Jesus – the love of Jesus. How Great Thou Art (Amen).

// Pastor Henry, by far one of the best studies you’ve ever done! Thank you.

// Loved the worship tonight!

// A minor issue, but have noticed for many weeks that some of the rows of chairs are quite close together and others far apart. [I know. We have to fix that.]