10 Tweets

Here's last weekend's sermon in 10 tweets: "Tell Your Story," Acts 26 Let me tell you a story

1/ What did Paul do with his "ten minutes" in front of the king? He told a story.

2/ There are times to put forth arguments for your faith, but telling your story works all the time.

3/ The way you deliver a message is a cue to how people will react.

4/ When you tell a story, you engage the listener, you involve them, you INVITE them to participate with you.

5/ Mike Cosper: We were made in the image of a storytelling God & he has commissioned an army of storytellers to tell his story.

6/ Focus and target your story.

7/ Your “faith story” does not have to be your “conversion story.”

8/ Your faith story is still being written, so there is still time to make it better and more compelling.

9/ Think seven conversations.  Relax and plan to leave stuff unsaid.

10/ Leave the results to God. Some plant, some water & some harvest. You never know where you are in that process, and you can’t hurry it.