Monday Memo

Hi Five Oakers, Here are the comments from the weekend Communication Cards:


// Thank you Pastor Henry and leadership for your sacrifice and commitment. It is noticed and appreciated. [Thank you from me and on behave our staff and leadership!]

// Great idea where the communion and light stations are now! I’ve really been learning a lot in this series. Don’t stop telling the truth. I was one of those people that thought I was a believer years ago and wasn’t! God bless this church. [We love the new locations too. Just feels better to have Communion at the center. And those candles, for me, are symbolic of the primacy of our mission so I'm glad they are so visible and so frequently used.]

// Libby, team, great job this week! Great message Henry. [Libby led Saturday night and Dan on Sunday morning. Libby wasn't feeling great and struggling with laryngitis, but she did a super job. I tried to persuade her to push through and lead on Sunday, but I'm glad she made her own choice. Dan and the team did a super job on Sunday, too.]

// We are thankful to belong to an Acts 2 church! [Me too! I'm so thankful for that. And we're an Acts 5 and 6 church, too. Far from perfect.]

// I like the notes and a lot more people seem to be using it by giving it to everyone. Good job. Did you see the article in the paper (Star Tribune) that the water is older than the sun? (See Genesis 1:1-2.) My daughter would like a series on Revelation too. [Thanks for the feedback on the notes. We are rethinking some of that.]

// Wonderful opening set. Dan sings and shares from his heart. Band and vocal, exceptional this week.

// Henry, we spent many years in a church not being fed yet not fully realizing it. We are so thankful to be at Five Oaks! Love and appreciate your sermons and how God speaks through you. [Thank you. And it's great to have you guys here and what you bring to our fellowship and our ministry!]

// Have been really encouraged/blessed by the Gospel According to Joseph series. Thank you for today’s word. [Isn't the OT great?! Love the Joseph story and hated to end that series.]