10 Tweets

Here is my sermon from last weekend in 10 Tweets, "Five Invitations (Part 2)," Acts 2: Masks

1// You've always known God? Either you don't have a faith story or you don't know how to tell your story.

2// The ascension isn't about the end of Jesus' ministry but about the multiplication of his teaching ministry.

3// When you invite someone to Christ's table, Jesus is personally inviting them through you.

4// God provides his might for his mission.

5// "who is at the right hand of God, who indeed in interceding for us" (Romans 8:34)

6// The ascension isn't about the conclusion of Christ's redemptive work but the continuation of his redemptive work.

7// "Anyone who works that hard to keep up the appearance of flawlessness & uprightness must be hiding something big"

8// It's not your flaws but the attempt to project flawlessness that will ruin your witness.

9// The story of Jesus doesn't begin with Christmas.

10// Don't flee the church that's filled with failed & flawed people. Flee the church that's filled with people who fail to recognize their flaws