10 Tweets

Here are 10 Tweets from my sermon last weekend, "Why Following Jesus will Get You in Trouble," Acts 3-4 Paratroopers Arctic Thunder

1// If the way you follow Jesus would never get you in trouble, you're not following Jesus.

2// Tish Warren: "The student organization I worked for got kicked off campus for being the wrong kind of Christians"

3// The idea that you can preach the gospel by your actions without words is flawed.

4// Good deeds done without giving God the glory only serve to give you the glory.

5// When you follow Jesus, trouble will follow you.

6// Christianity levels the playing field. We're all sinners in need of grace.

7// Frank Viola: "Unlike all other faiths, Christianity is based entirely on a Person."

8// T-shirts: "We are here."

9// Don't make your mission field into your enemy.

10// Band of Brothers: "We're paratroopers, Lieutenant. We're supposed to be surrounded."