Tuesday Memo

Hi Five Oakers, 10547640_10203732416124254_5405587714259415638_n

Here's a comment from a recent first-time guest from the cards we send out for feedback.

8/24 Great explanation of different service elements and purpose for them. Loved the variety of worship songs/style. Very intentional about visitors!

Here are most of the comments and questions from the weekend Communication Cards:

// The worship center stage looks great! Nice job. The beautiful simplicity is comforting and turns over eyes where they belong – on Jesus. [Great job by Deb Carr and her team on the back stage wall! Incredible. And I love the new tables, etc. in the Worship Center.]

// The new stage looks great! Thanks to all the behind the scenes people who make our services possible. [This was one of the most ambitious volunteer projects I've seen. It was an enormous undertaking.]

// What a great worship center theme! Kudos! Dan’s reading – and thoughts – what a sermon. And Revelation Song – we viewed a glimpse of heaven today! Thank you! [Yes, great Preparation meditation/Scripture reading by Dan.]

// Wow on the wood/cross(es) on the stage behind the screen. Really cool!

// Dan – fantastic message in intro – Psalm – offerings and sacrifices. Abraham’s almost sacrifice. Also really like how you purposefully say “we love kids – glad you brought them” and you did not say “if your kids are disturbing those around you.” Henry – love the view “God has to work with what He has!” Dan/Henry/Team – perfectly choreographed worship! Very moving from begin to end! Messages, songs, etc. Thanks! [I really loved singing Jeremy's new song, the first song of Preparation this week:

Great worship and message!

Beautiful, worshipful Revelation Song ladies! [We are blessed with so many volunteers in our worship arts ministry who bring their gifts to leading us. Thanks for putting your heart into that song, Brooke.]

So grateful for my wonderful husband as we approach our first anniversary! ... Loving Five Oaks!

Guys the worship set was extraordinary. I loved how Dan split the reading, put so much more emphasis on the scripture. It really made the closing song that much more poignant. My heart was touched, no moved, by the worship reading and music. Thank you for the story of Joseph and the final episode of detecting change in the characters and in us. Change is difficult, necessary and moves slowly, but is so important in becoming more like Jesus.

Wow! Great worship! Great sermon! [I'm LOVING Jeremy's original song, "Praise the Lord." We'll be singing it again this coming weekend.]

Revelation Song wow! Powerful job ladies… His spirit was palpable! Travis & Sarah Bowers

The stage back drop is beautiful. The hymn Holy, Holy was very powerful especially following the Psalm 66 prayer.