Story of ACTS and 10 Tweets

Hi Five Oakers, StoryOfActs_Cover_FINAL

This weekend we start selling (at cost) my new book, The Story of Acts: A 40-Day Guided Journey through Acts.

It will take the place of daily Group Life during our 8-week series on Acts that starts October 4/5 weekend.

I want you to come to the service on October 4/5 having completed the first week of readings. So pick up the book this weekend or next and start in on it Monday September 29. Don't worry about when your small group meets. The small group study will be included with the sermon outline for the eight weeks of the series.

Now for the 10 Tweets on Genesis 43-44, "Detecting Change," in The Gospel According to Joseph series:

1// God works with what he's got but he doesn't leave us as he got us.

2// Change tends to chug along, not charge ahead.

3// Change is hard to detect and appreciate in real time.

4// "Aren't we all scoundrels?"

5// Tests and trials both reveal and shape our character. 1 Pet 1:6; James 1:2

6// Jacob has to be stripped of his idols before he can become who God declared him to be: Israel.

7// Partial change is change nonetheless…and there is no other kind of change this side of heaven.

8// Judah is a profoundly changed man but I’ve tended to see Judah through the lens of his past misdeeds.

9// Is there a Judah in your life but you've turned the page on that person? The Story of God is still be written.

10// Change will make you bitter or better. For better need to see trials & life in light of the longer narrative reaching into eternity.