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The Gospel According to Joseph, “Stupidity, Sin and Sovereignty” (Genesis 37-38) Joseph_Main_Slide

1// When I explain how to almost eliminate blind spots for driving, most people say, “I just don’t like that.” What?!

2// We have blind spots in our character, in our suffering (when we don’t see God) and in our need for God.

3// Not everything has to be right or wrong; it can just be about wise and stupid.

4// Behind our stupidity is our sin.

5// God works by his Spirit through his Word and through others to speak to our blind spots. He softens our hearts to hear it.

6// God isn’t mentioned in chapter 37 but his hidden hand is all over the story.

7// Joseph needs to get to Egypt to save his family (later in the account), but why didn’t God do it another way?

8// God works sovereignly and providentially IN the story and he works WITH what he’s got.

9// Joseph’s family is what God’s got because of his covenant promise to Abraham. We’re what God’s got if we’re his children.

10// In suffering remember he SOVEREIGNLY works in the story & with what he’s got so all things work for good to those who love him & are called…