Working Together

I received this from Dave Casmer, our Business Administrator and Facility Manager: pic02368





Those wonderful volunteers were at it again.

As a former professional landscaper Adam Igl was a natural to design and install the landscaping around our new sign. He organized a group that spent last Saturday completing the project which included a small retaining wall and edging around the sign several shrubs and flowers as well as a new oak tree set behind the sign.

During the prior week Landen Sanderson came in to run the cables for our upgrades to the Wi-Fi system so the contractor only needs to hook up and configure the new equipment.

And Mother's Day weekend the Journeymen stayed after their Saturday morning session and in the space of 45 minutes totally cleared out the contents of the youth room and the offices next to the Board Room in order to allow the contractors to start work on the office renovation.

More examples of members working together for the good of the church and its mission.