Monday Memo

Hi Five Oakers, Here are most of the comments and questions from the weekend Communication Cards. I'm writing this from the Miami airport waiting to board a flight to Cuba. Can't wait to get there.

Cuba // Great message!  Beautiful voice – new worship leader? [Guest worship leader.]

So neat to segue from Psalm 109 to the hymn “Bless the Lord Oh My Soul.”  Wow!

Thank you for the God-inspired message Henry!  Thank you worship team, great job!!

On June 7th Henry talked about “Being Known by God & Knowing God”. As we will never know God fully here on Earth, are there levels of knowing God?  In the past, Henry mentioned some: Creation, Scripture, Love from Others and then Personal Connection with Christ.  The question: Is there a ‘knowing path’ most people travel to faith?  [Big question. Short answer: As we Connect to the body of Christ (in worship, fellowship and stewardship, etc.), Deepen our relationship with Christ (in Bible reflection, prayer and surrender, etc.) and Impact the world for Christ (through evangelism, compassion and missions, etc., we learn more about God and learn to trust him more deeply and love him more dearly).]

I love our worship team – you are awesome!  The new singer is amazing! [They were awesome this weekend. Thank you worship team.]

Great worship team!  Didn’t recognize the leader, but he did a great job!

What is the background picture on the screen?  Maybe girl – hard to tell. [Don't know.]

Good worship leader!  Great sermon Henry!

Wonderful time of worship this morning, especially during the “Respond’ segment.  Love singing the truth of God’s word.

Beautiful new décor on the stage! [I agree! Really beautiful. Way to go Deb Carr and team!]

Thank you Pastor Henry for the wonderful Father’s Day message!

It’s cold in here today! [Sorry.]

Does Christ always shine through us?  When do our worst moments stop? [He shines through us when we're surrendered to him and that is not a constant thing in any of us.]

The worship leader did a great job!

I love this church!

Awesome praise team leader today!

To the gentleman who lead worship this morning – thank you.

Great music – nice balance of voice, easy to sing with.  Wonderful guitar – Nathan rocks.

We pray for Henry, Lois & Dave (Cuba team), the full armor of God and that a revival will happen in Cuba.  May many come to repentance and be baptized according to Acts 2:38.

Awesome to hear the vocals today.