God Never Wastes Your Suffering

Great Kid's Hope party last Sunday afternoon! See the pictures below, but don't miss Sarah Bowers' story in her email to the volunteers.

Yesterday’s BBQ was successful on so many levels.  We had over 65 people, of which 6 of them were students.  I had conversations with 2 mothers’ about how they could expand this ministry to other schools.  I got to meet our newest student and his family. Students got to know their mentors families, and vice versa.  There was enough hugs, giggles and fun to go around….oh, it was absolutely amazing.

But there was more, at least personally. Personally, I was feeling victorious.

Henry’s message this weekend continued to bring me back to my role in KHUSA. The entire message was encouraging, yet one statement stands out: “God never wastes your suffering.”

As I stood there yesterday, looking out over the crowd I realized in a practical, hands on way, the truth behind that statement.  All the pain and difficulty I experienced in my childhood is the fuel which fires my passion for this ministry.  It wasn’t until I said yes to this journey that I began to realize it.  God has blessed me with such amazing personal/spiritual healing as I lead this group of amazing, selfless and loving volunteers.  Each of you are changing the lives of these 17 children, many who are experiencing similar situations as I had.  Their lives are changing, and with each smile, each fun comment of a DPR, each prayer request answered God brings to life Genesis 50:20 in my heart.

Then yesterday, as I was able to welcome each child with a smile and thank their parents for allowing us the blessing of spending time with them my heart was screaming, “God, this – these people, this ministry, this day –is all you!”

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