Tuesday Memo

Hi Five Oakers, Here are most of the comments and questions from the Communication Cards:

// Great message today, Henry!

// Wow Henry – so good! Great example of law vs. promise.  (Wow, God! This was a tough one.)

// Great sermon.

// The treadmill analogy was very clear. Thanks. It does not repair me, only God can. (That illustration was courtesy of Simon Manchester, a pastor in Australia.)

// Putting the spotlight on the cross during the singing was awesome.

Great examples to illustrate these points today, Henry! Story of God for pre-teens and teens? This format of breaking down the Bible into key messages would be PERFECT for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. Would be great for K – 6 kids to learn the pictures of the story and then each year kids go deeper into the Story of God.  (Great idea. It's something I'd like to do one of these days. Lois did it this year with her 5th-6th graders on Saturday and we might see it used more widely next school year.)

// Tim summed up our faith with his first announcement. How we have nothing of worth. Only Christ, allows us access. Let just have an altar call after the wonderful praise songs!

// Thank you Henry for this series. I am loving going deeper into the doctrine.

// Great message of salvation and explanation, how the law fits in!

// Sweet pictures of example to “see” works/law and faith. Exactly what we are studying in BSF Colossians – Saul/Paul is an amazing messenger of the Gospel message.

// What year did we move from Lake Jr. High?  [2002]

// Thank you so much for the Mother’s Day photo! What a treat! [SO well done. Thank you Davon Dong and team!]

Blessings, Pastor Henry