10 Tweets

Here's the weekend sermon in 10 tweets: "Promise or Performance?" (Galatians 3:15-25)Treadmill - January 14

1// The Mosaic Law as an identity marker, a performance standard and path to maturity is no more.

2// The Mosaic Law didn't replace righteousness by faith.

3// Why was the covenant with Abraham a promise? Because he promised to bless his family and the world in spite of their failure to keep their end.

4// The promise was unconditional...like giving away a car. The law was conditional...like giving away a car but with conditions attached.

5// The law was a temporary measure from Moses to the cross.

6// The law was powerless. Gave no power to keep it. Like giving a hearing test instead of hearing aids to someone who can't hear well.

7// "The treadmill didn't work."

8// Take the keys.

9// Don't give back the keys.

10// Salvation is past, present and future. You'll need the gospel of God's grace at every stage.