Monday Memo

Hi Five Oakers, Here are the comments and questions from the weekend Communication Cards:

Snack Food Association

// Such a great message today, Pastor Henry! This topic hits all – believers, seekers, “snackers”, and those here only by a family member’s urging. We all struggle with pleasing others in varying degrees – and it’s helpful to all to learn about Paul and Jesus’ approach to pleasing others. Thank you always being so down to earth.

// I really liked how we changed up the worship set – more quiet and contemplative! Like new song.

// “I don’t need them to love me – for He loves me.” Healing words for an aching heart! Amen!

// Thank you for the encouraging message Henry and for calling us to move forward in our faith and to not be content with where we are spiritually! Great job worship team. Thank you.

// The confession was God’s answer to a prayer that just came up. A very encouraging message that I needed to hear. God has and is speaking light into my life.

// Good reminder that God approves of me through Christ – such a needed point as I work with a demanding team and boss with high almost unachievable expectations. Thank you.

// Mellow & reflective music this week!

// Thank you for these meaningful times of worship together.

// Love the blue and gold compliments to the visual artist.

// Awesome series, this could start a revival!

// Is there gluten free bread option for communion? Thanks! [It's all gluten free except on the weekends when he Small Group leaders hold the elements.]