"I love the generosity of our congregation!"

Here's a note several of us received from Jerry Meras regarding the Feed Event.

Hi Team,

A couple of notes from this past FMSC MobilePack event. I just closed the books on the FMSC financials. We brought in approximately $5,500 more in donations during this year’s event then we did from the 2013 event. That is significant because last year’s event was longer and had more than twice as many volunteers.  Obviously, the six people who sponsored a full pallet, @ $1,800 each, had a lot to do with it. Though, if we take their contribution completely out of the picture, the half-as-many volunteers each donated, on average, twice as much as last year.

I got an envelope from a child who donated $19, all in ones. It was gift money he had received from his grandparents for his birthday. Instead of keeping it, he chose to donate it to FMSC. Very widow’s mite of him.  

I love the generosity of our congregation!

Jerry Meras