10 Tweets

Here's the Easter sermon in 10 Tweets: dale16

1// I don't get Iowa jokes...especially when we have North and South Dakota to make fun of.

2// A retired pastor shared his "family album"...his grandmother's trek from Russia to Freeman in the 1870's.

3// There's a recent history for the Mennonites (last 150 yrs)  & a long-term history that goes way back.

4// Paul was sharing the family album with the Corinthians. Here's Christ dying...rising...appearing...

5// Paul reminds them they are not part of a larger & longer story..."in accordance with the Scriptures."

6// Why was Christ dying and rising part of his plan? Because we needed to be rescued. We sin. We fall short.

7// "My dad passed away about 30 min ago...he died a physical death, but lives on with God..."

8// As Christian parents the most important legacy is this larger story.

9// "I will always love you and forgive you."

10// God invites us to join his family. By faith we have the right to be children of God...we are adopted.