Monday Memo

Hi Five Oakers, Here are most of the Communication Card comments from the weekend services:


  • Loved the “singleness” video clip. Thank you.
  • Inspirational opening worship set. Challenging sermon. Power response set. I am blessed!
  • Saying prayers for the Haiti team.
  • Good mic balance. Was nice to hear the harmonies tonight!
  • Loved the music. Also, would like to see the Prayer Web come back. [It will be back, but I'm not sure when.]
  • Thank you so much worship team! Wonderful time of praise!
  • Hi, I was asked if we could put signs by the bread stating if it is gluten free. Could you please pass this along. Thanks.
  • Go Broncos!  [That's who I was rooting for because I like Manning.]

Blessings, Pastor Henry