One More Thing

Hi Five Oakers, The weekend’s coming and there are a few things I don’t want you to miss:

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Have you ever thought about what it must be like to have gone to school with or taught or worked with someone who later went on to be president of the United States? Of course, at the time, you would have had no idea, especially if the president didn’t come from an influential family.

Now imagine going to synagogue school with Jesus or teaching him as a child or young adult. Imagine having hired him to build something for you. And then you see him after his resurrection and discover that he was God in the flesh!

One of the things we’re going to look at this weekend is reality that while Jesus was here on earth, he sang songs, learned Scripture and worshiped. He was a worshiper. He wasn’t just going through the motions, keeping up appearances, while actually basking in the worship that went on around him. He worshiped. And the fact that he worshiped has huge implications for our worship. Encouraging implications. Come ready to be encouraged.

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 One More Thing

 The late Christian philosopher Dallas Willard wrote that God is "the most joyous being in the universe,” and he explains why:

While I was teaching in South Africa some time ago, a young man … took me out to see the beaches near his home in Port Elizabeth. I was totally unprepared for the experience. I had seen beaches, or so I thought. But when we came over the rise where the sea and land opened up to us, I stood in stunned silence and then slowly walked toward the waves. Words cannot capture the view that confronted me ….

[I realized] that God sees this all the time. He sees it, experiences it, knows it from every possible point of view, this and billions of other scenes like and unlike it, in this and billions of other worlds. Great tidal waves of joy must constantly wash through his being ….

We pay a lot of money to get a tank with a few tropical fish in it and never tire of looking at their [beauty] and marvelous forms and movements. But God has seas full of them, which he constantly enjoys …. We are enraptured by a well-done movie sequence or by a few bars from an opera or lines from a poem. We treasure our great experiences for a lifetime, and we may have very few of them. But he is simply one great inexhaustible and eternal experience of all that is good and true and beautiful and right ….

"All of the good and beautiful things from which we occasionally drink tiny droplets of soul-exhilarating joy, God continuously experiences in all their breadth and depth and richness.” (The Divine Conspiracy)

Blessings to you all, Pastor Henry