10 Tweets

Main_Slide_v2 Here's Tim Bubar’s sermon from last weekend in 10 tweets: "Hope for Change," (Exodus 34)

1// Tiny people sometimes get put in Easter bunny costumes and marched around the school.

2// When we want desperately to change, but see ourselves making the same mistakes, it's hard to have hope for change.

3// God doesn't just tell us who he is (in his words to Moses), he shows us who he is (in how he has related to Israel and the world).

4// You won't find hope for change in you.  Willpower is a muscle that gets fatigued and gives out.  Israel's story shows this, and your story shows this.

5// Moses understood that they needed God's presence not in spite of their rebellious heart, but because of it.

6// You won't find hope for change in new circumstances.

7// God is merciful, gracious, loving, and faithful.  He's also just:  he forgives sin and he punishes every sin.

8// You don't have to clean yourself up.  God knew all of your past, present, and future sins when he paid the price for them.

9// You don't have to beat yourself up.  There's a difference between Godly sorrow for our sin and trying to pay a price that's already been paid.

10// You don't have to remain unchanged.  But God's work in you will take a lifetime - literally a lifetime.  Put your hope in who he says he is and has shown himself to be.