Sermon in 10 Tweets

The Red Sea “Step into the Sea” (Exodus 14-15) in Getting Unstuck for Dummies, a series in Exodus:

  1. Exodus offers a deeply biblical approach to recovery from the sins that derail us, the struggles that dog us & the scars that define us.
  2.  “I thought God would honor my decision.”
  3. Resentment toward God can creep into your life and you can get stuck spiritually.
  4. “If God has accepted me by grace alone, then I can’t expect anything from him. I owe him everything and he owes me nothing.”
  5. If y0u express your resentment & admit your acting like an “elder brother,” prepare to love God deeper than you ever have before.
  6. “Don’t be afraid. Stand firm. Watch God save you. All you have to do is shut up.”
  7. Sharing your resentment is healthy; staying resentful indefinitely is not.
  8. You can’t change your emotions on the spot, but you can change your focus.
  9. You’re stuck because, ultimately, you don’t trust God enough to step into the sea.
  10. They had it easy? They didn’t know I would be plunged to the murky sea and drown for you on the cross.”