Eat, Lust, Rest

Hi Five Oakers, The weekend’s coming and there are a few things I don’t want you to miss:



Eat, Lust, Rest. This weekend’s sermon in Exodus.


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// Have you seen the "Noah" trailer? Russell Crowe as Noah. Anthony Hopkins as Methuselah. Bad Guy: "I have men at my back and  you stand alone and defy me!" Noah: "I'm not alone." Chills.


I don’t do well in the dark. If I’m up before Lois, it’s about six steps from the bathroom door to the bedroom door and most of the time I miss the mark. I regularly run into things in the dark. I’m always off course. Quickly.

Most of us struggle with the spiritual disciplines of daily Bible reflection and prayer. There are lots of reasons. I went to the young adult group that meets on Thursday evenings at the Robbins’ home last night. People shared why they struggle with it.

I shared a variation on an insight Bill Wilson recently shared with me. We struggle to read the Bible because we don’t recognize how dark our world is and how much we need God’s light to help us stay on his path. I often talk about God’s Word as a meal. We need daily nourishment. But it’s also a light. It lights our path. We are often so discipled by our culture and steeped in its assumptions about life (i.e., its worldview) that we can’t even see when we’re straying from God's path for our lives.

I discover in six steps or less that I’ve strayed from the path to the door. I hit a dresser in one step. I  trip over some the decorative pillows in two. I hit a wall in six. Unfortunately it often takes longer to hit something in real life when we’re stumbling in darkness. And collision is often far worse in its ramifications.

Read, Reflect, Pray. Daily.

See you on the weekend.

Blessings, Pastor Henry