10 Tweets

Here's the sermon from last weekend in 10 tweets: "FOR [Whoever Believes] – God’s Faithfulness, Our Faith (John 3:16; 2 Corinthians 9:6-8,11:

#1- God’s faithfulness fortifies your faith.

#2- If I gave my kids my word, they knew I wasn’t pulling their leg. Because I never went back on my word, my faithfulnes fortified their faith in me.

#3- God’s faithfulness is written all over John 3:16 when you understand why God gave his Son.

#4- God gave his Son to fulfill his promise to die for our failure to keep the covenant.

#5- Have you ever made a promise you never thought you’d have to keep? God promised knowing he would have to keep it.

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#6- I’m not comparing God to a Chevy but we’re a lot like Tommy.


#7- The primary way churches reach people isn’t advertising or events but the people investing in and inviting others who are far from God.

#8- It takes faith. You can focus on your fear and faithlessness or on God’s faithfulness.

#9- God is not a vending machine but he promises to bless those who give. When he blesses us with stuff, it’s so we can be generous (2 Co 9:11).

#10- “Be brave. Be brave. Be brave…” God is faithful.

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