Wednesday Memo


Hi Five Oakers,

Here's the sermon from last weekend in 10 tweets: "The Heart of a Child," Genesis 1:26-27.

  1. Jim Gaffigan: Sometimes I feel unqualified to be a parent and I call those times ‘awake.’
  2. Don’t you worry you’re doing damage to your kids? I worried…and I did do damage. I was unqualified. Too much anger with one; too easy on the other.
  3. All-important, crucial basic: Kids are made in the image of God. What are the implications?
  4. You’re not just launching them into the world; you’re launching them into eternity. Do you feel qualified for that? Do you dare do it alone?
  5. Lois and I needed and got your help launching Distracticon into eternity.
  6. There is no other institution out there dedicated to helping you launch your kids into eternity.
  7. Everyone seeks glory. Kids are created for God’s glory—not yours as a parent and theirs. Glory: Live for people to say, “Wow, God!”
  8. Sally Lloyd-Jones: When God says, “Glorify me!”, he’s really saying, “Be filled with Joy!” Inviting us into his Forever Happiness.
  9. You love your kids best when you love God most. But not by loving them less, but by growing deeper love for God.
  10. Don’t train them to seek glory in themselves or their own kids by living giving them the attention, worship and adoration that only God deserves.

Another big weekend to invite as we look more closely at the role of parents and adults in raising kids who seek God’s glory.

Blessings, Pastor Henry