Wednesday Memo

Hi Five Oakers,

Every Wednesday the Elders meet at 6:30am to pray through all the prayer requests from the weekend. Our Prayer Team and the Staff Leadership also pray through all but the designated Elder requests during the week. I think we received more prayer requests this last weekend than I've ever seen, and I don't know why. But I want you all to know that we are praying for you. And I continue praying through all of them in my own daily quiet time.

Here's the sermon from last weekend in 10 tweets: "The Heart of a Parent," Deuteronomy 6:5-9, Galatians 5:22, Hosea 11.

  1. God has no grandchildren. Children have to choose to become Christians. But parents can be the greatest factor in helping them choose God.
  2. You lead best when your heart burns brightest for God.
  3. “Teach them diligently.” Love God with all your heart. Let his word be on your heart. Then you will teach from your heart.
  4. When you lead your kids with a heart that burns brightest for God, you will be a Steward Leader. Your kids ultimately belong to God.
  5. It’s not about what you want out of your kids; it’s about seeking what God wants for them.
  6. When your heart burns brightest for God, you will be a Joyful Leader. Condoleezza Rice: “No one wants to follow a sour puss.”
  7. Joy is a crucial fruit for spiritual leadership. Your faith will be more compelling when your home is marked by fun and laughter.
  8. You will a Reflecting Leader. They get a taste of what it means to live under God’s parental leadership.
  9. God is not a permissive parent. Every threat of wrath against his wayward children came down on himself on the cross.
  10. God’s loving parental leadership took him all the way to the cross. We reflect that love to our kids the more we reflect on his love for us.

This weekend we talk about teaching the heart. Invite a friend who needs to hear about God’s grace.

Blessings, Pastor Henry