Monday Memo

Hi Five Oakers,

It was great to have Tim preaching this weekend, especially with this subject. He's in the middle of it all right now, and he has the added perspective of an experienced youth pastor.

Here are most of your comments, observations and questions from the weekend Communication Cards.

  • Great teaching – will be watching it MANY times again! Thanks Tim. [I loved it, too!]
  • Loved the music – especially “I Need You” – beautiful. [Couldn’t agree more! Many thanks to the worship team.]
  • I really think this is the best message I’ve seen Tim give – great delivery Tim!
  • Thank you! Great sermon, needed it! 
  • Thanks for your honesty regarding your parenting Tim. It’s an encouragement to know that even men of God as you and Pastor Henry have dealt or deal with the struggles of parenting as some of us do.
  • Great sermon, Tim! Passion-filled music! Does Dunkin Donuts make gluten-free donuts? Thank you Jesus.
  • Love hymns!
  • Thank you Henry and Tim for a great series on parenting – things I know we needed to learn and be reminded of. 
  • Great message, Tim! For how we treat our kids and all others!
  • Great worship set, very surrendering. Tim and Henry, part of great parenting is allowing kids to see our mortality. It doesn’t make them feel as failures when they are parents. Thank God for hourly grace. 
  • Tim, loved your real life examples and how your inserted humor throughout the message. It’s reassuring that we don’t have to be experts and you are experiencing the same things we are. [That was Kara’s line about not needing to be experts. And Tim had the wisdom to repeat it.]
  • Loved “Lord I Need You” and “How Marvelous” ending! 
  • Loved worship today! Many thanks to Legend for helping leading, so inspiring! 
  • The string art staging looks awesome. I’m finally sitting in a spot where I can see it all. It’s so cool! Kudos! 
  • Wonderful sermon Tim. It’s not about behavior, the real aim is the hart. That happens when we experience God’s grace ourselves, then share it with our kids. Transparency can be frightening, but that’s where transformation by the Holy Spirit occurs. God is so good in spite of our failings.
  • Really, really beautiful worship sets. Tim, love how you set-up the message with a quick review of the previous two weeks. Tremendous message Tim, tremendous series. Nice solo. 
  • Thank you to all the volunteers who take time out of their busy schedules to serve in the church. Often the volunteers fly under the radar, but are so essential in making thins run smoothly every weekend. [Amen!]
  • Thanks for putting the titles of the songs in the worship program.
  • Great series! I wish it was longer. [It will be since we’ll come back to it throughout this ministry year. We also have our parenting conference coming up this winter/spring. You’ll hear more about that later.]
  • I noticed that the prayer web is gone, too bad. [It will be back. It’s one of the stations we change out.]
  • We are moving from Woodbury to Champaign, IL on 10/22/13 and regret having to leave the membership of the church. Blessings. [God bless you as you move in and settle into a new home and community.]

Thanks for all your comments and questions.


Pastor Henry