Mid-Week Memo

Hi Five Oakers,

There are several things I want to share with you today.

#1 - One person counts. One person. So when I here that 41 volunteers helped with the Karen VBS, I’m excited, but I’m equally excited when I hear about one of our members ministering in a prison or helping an elderly neighbor. For a while I think our church had fallen into thinking that an Impact event was only successful if dozens of Five Oakers joined in. But that assumed everyone else is sitting around doing nothing. The reality is that hundreds of you are involved in ministry outside the church already. One person counts. 41 of us working together or 41 of us working with 41 other groups to bring the gospel and do compassion…it’s all good!

#2 – The Journeymen Men’s Ministry is doing an impact event September 21 through Hearts and Hammers Ministry. It’s open to all guys (even guys like me who are not handymen), but what an opportunity for those who are skilled with tools to use that skill to help people in need.

#3 – The parking lot is being resurfaced this week. I think it will be all painted and done by the weekend.

#4 – I love how we were able to link the backpack drive to other ministries we are involved in, including the Karen VBS and Kids Hope USA.

#5 – I have an information meeting for those who might be interested in helping with the Story of God ministry. We need both behind the scenes people and small group leaders. The meeting is at 4:45 and will last less than an hour. Let me know if you’d like to come. Pizza will be served.

#6 – Here are most of your comments from the Communication Cards:

  • Henry, your sermon hit home. I haven’t found my niche yet at Five Oaks, but I continue to serve in different ministries. All have been a positive experience and I appreciate the patience and kindness of your team! 
  • Love the first song today! 
  • Libby – difficult to hear, on some songs and while praying with background music. – maybe need move mic. Beautiful – keyboard and guitar work. Love having Nathan and hearing Nathan on vocals. [Nathan did another stellar job on the songs he led.]
  • Great job worship team! [It was fantastic and led by volunteers in ministry!]
  • Great inspirational message. 
  • Amazing music! Loved revelation song!
  • Love my church, love our worship, love the hearts of our leaders! I never tire of us explaining the order, meaning and reason for our service. The best worship service musically I have been part of for a year or more!
  • Thank you, Pastor Henry, for such an awesome message to call the church body to step up to the plate and do their calling to serve! We’re one body with many parts and I appreciate how your message wasn’t guilt-driven…but proclaimed the truth in love! 
  • I like the 6 p.m. start time for Saturday service. Maybe continue it for winter? [Glad you like it. Like I’ve said before, I wish we could bottle up the energy of a 6pm time and open it at 4:30. But we’re going back to 4:30 the weekend after Labor Day.]
  • I’m a visiting scholar in U of M in next one year. I’m a Mongolian from China. My wife is coming in one month to join me. Our baby will be born next April. [I would love to meet you! Come on up to 10-Minute Connect when you get a chance.] 
  • Need some new candles at Lighting Station. [Noted. Thanks.]
  • I’d like to see something for couples and families – events/ - game nights/ activities on a regular basis and not just in small groups. [It’s not something we do on a regular basis for a bunch of reasons I won’t go into here and now (email me if you’d like to hear why), but more frequently would be good. If you want to organize something like this, all you need to do is reserve the Commons or a room on a night when it is open. Then invite some people. You can even announce it in the Worship Program. I did one of these this year using Facebook. We had a Settlers of Catan night after a Saturday service and it was a lot of fun. Our one big night for this kind of thing most years is Coffee House night. Let Tim Bubar know if you would like to help pull that off.]

#7 – Here’s my sermon in 10 tweets, “You are Needed,” Ephesians 4:11-16:

  1. From your vantage point it may seem like you are not needed. But you are needed.
  2. You are needed because that’s how God designed things to work in the church.
  3. Volunteers serving in ministry cleaned the bathrooms…led you in worship…taught your kids…made & served the coffee..
  4. I’m accountable and report to a group of volunteers serving in ministry.
  5. Colin Powell wanted the cleaning crew at the White House to know the impact they made & that they were part of his team.
  6. Almighty God wants you to know that you are part of his team.
  7. He gives spiritual gifts to ALL his people. Some have leadership gifts to equip all to do the work of ministry (Eph 4:11-12)
  8. The goal is for all to work to build up the body of Christ = spiritual maturity = become like Christ
  9. How do you discover your gift: start doing something.
  10. What if everybody here today knew they were needed? What if everyone wanted to get in the game?

Blessings to all of you, Pastor Henry