13-year Old Girls, Bass Guitarists and the Lonely Instrument

That’s a picture of Legend Rutledge playing and singing with the Worship Team this last weekend. It was her first weekend on the worship team. Here’s what I love about it, and so will you: she just turned 13! She basically taught herself to play guitar. She served with excellence, and we’ll be seeing more of her on the team.

Now look to the right of Legend, the space usually occupied by one of our bass guitarists. Yeah, it’s empty. The ones who serve us faithfully, week in and week out, weren’t able to play this weekend. The guy Dan called from outside the church to fill in dropped out at the last minute. Apparently something better came along. No buy-in like our Five Oaks’ regulars. Dan made up for it, sort of, with his Mac.

This last picture represents that instrument you use to play that is stored down in your basement or  deep in one of your closets. You took lessons and played that for more years than Legend has been alive. You’ve been thinking about dusting if off and giving it a try again. You were once good enough at it to contribute to a band. You’re thinking right now you might be able to help us fill that space (or others like it) and touch someone’s heart by serving on the worship team.

Think you're off the hook because you don't play anything? Think again. I could also show you pictures of thirteen-year-olds that help in our Children's Minsitry and do a great job week in and week out. You can make a contribution in almost any area of our ministry. So check out the opportunities this weekend.