Mid-Week Memo

Hi Five Oakers,

There are several things I want to share with you today.

#1 – Get a recap of the weekend services with highlights of our prayers, readings and songs here.

#2 – Here are your comments/questions from the Communication Cards:

  • Great worship music today.[I loved it! Especially the new song with the hand motions. It was great having the elementary and middle school kids with us in the service.]
  • Enjoyed the message, Henry!
  • Great message. Great worship! Love the new song! 
  • New coffee is good, and cause it is good.
  • It would be refreshing to have the first third of the service, contain some variety – i.e. – drama, ministry highlight, (scripture reading from Bible). For those here each week it is so predictable/redundant with the same announcements. [I’m assuming you mean the explanation of the service order at the end of Preparation since that’s the only element that doesn’t change each week (i.e., the songs and Scripture readings are different each week). But I’m not sure. Anyway, the explanation doesn't vary much and is needed to put our own members at ease regarding guests (that’s the feedback we received a while back), as much as it is needed for the guests themselves (i.e., so they understand the response time). But maybe you meant something else. Unfortunately I sent you an email for clarification too late for this post. I look forward to hearing from you and thanks for your feedback.]
  • Responsive reading (group reading) is more difficult without punctuation, (commas,) especially where there is a pause in the middle of a line; spelling is important too. This morning’s was difficult. It would help me speak out with a bit more confidence knowing I wouldn’t keep reading into a break and being the only one speaking. [Thanks for the feedback on this. I find that some weeks are harder to follow along than others.]

#3 – We received two comments back from the cards we send to first-time guests:

  • 5/20 – I wish the congregation was more willing to raise their arms/hands while singing.  Too shy I guess, huh?
  • 5/20 – We enjoyed the service.  All people were very welcoming.

#4 – The Spain short-term mission team has wrapped up its preparation meetings. Pray for the effectiveness of their mission as they serve at L'Arcada Camp.

#5 – The “Finding Faith” movie and its star Erik Estrada will be at Five Oaks on June 7th. The movie is free. Check out the trailer. (If you receive this post by email, you will need to go to my website to see it.)

#6 – You’ll have an opportunity this weekend to get more information on who we support through our missions giving. You won’t be able to miss it.

#7 – Challenge for adults. That’s what I call the Global Leadership Summit. It’s for adults what the national Challenge conference is for our youth. It’s the best conference I go to every year. And because of the size group we send to the Summit, we get a very special price. Don’t forget to register soon before the price increases.

#8 - We completed another 8-week session of Story of God. Great group! 29% improvement overall on post-test from the pre-test on Bible knowledge. But that's not what Story of God is about. It's about being able to understand God's Word so that you can get more out of it when you read it or are taught it. And that's important so you can know God better and love him more deeply. The Word transforms our minds as we not only know God better but also understand our world and ourselves better. Is there someone you can bring to the Story of God fall session? Someone who is hungry for God but doesn't know him well or at all?

#9 – Here’s the message in 10 Tweets (“At Work and at Play” in the Mission of God series):

  1. God not only custom-makes us for his mission, he custom-places us where he wants us for his mission.
  2. You have been placed by God where you work and play for his mission.
  3. Colossians 3:17 – Do everything as a representative of the Lord Jesus.
  4. Our mission at work is diverse: produce something useful, do work well, reflect God’s character, help others.
  5. Non-Christians can be motivated for different reasons to do all the above. But only Christians can be Christ’s reps at work & at play.
  6. And only you can personally witness to what God has done in your life.
  7. Your witness can impact someone’s eternity.
  8. Imagine meeting someone in eternity that you helped to find God!
  9. Do you believe there are people around you who are hungry for the gospel? (Mt 9:35-36).
  10. You need a platform. “I’ll pray for you” or “I’m going to Bible study" can open doors to spiritual conversations.

See you on the weekend!

Blessings, Pastor Henry