Mid-Week Memo

Hi Five Oakers,

I have NINE things I want to share with you today.

#1 - Warren Coe was our teacher over the weekend. Great message illustrating how the Bible tells one story. By the way, Warren will be teaching the Cover to Cover class at Five Oaks that starts this January. Three semesters of the Story of God on steroids (that’s how I describe it). We’ll get more info out on this in the coming months.

#2 - Get a recap of the service with highlights of our prayers, readings and songs at http://5oaks.info/.

#3 - Here are your comments from the Communication Cards:

  • Praise God for this church. May He always be the main focus!
  • Very interested in the marriage conference. Can’t wait to hear more. [I’m also starting a short, three-week marriage series in two weekends.]
  • Thank you – great message, especially during a time of such uncertainty in the world.
  • The acoustic guitar player is really good. [I agree, but in the interest of full disclosure, I know she would say, “Thanks, Mom and Dad.”]
  • Tim, you look good in glasses. 
  • Still having trouble finding a small group that fits into my life/schedule. [I hope you find one. If it’s just not possible, I suggest you do the Story of God book on your own or with one other person.]
  • Thank you Warren! Learned a ton! Yay Justin on the Holy Spirit moment leading us.
  • Thank you for the worship set! Loved it guys. Fantastic message and closing set. Loved the Challenge Justin and raise your hands! 
  • How Great Thou Art. Scarlett thread of redemption in my live. Love the Hymn!
  • Thanks for offering Cover to Cover – great idea! I’m looking forward to it – right up my alley. Praying that I can get my husband to join me! Great worship Justin!
  • Thank you for bringing Warren to Five Oaks. Great message. Praise God for His blessings and protection in my life! 

#4 - Here’s a comment from the cards we send first-time guests:

  • 9/24 I visited with my fiancé – I am new to the area.  I really enjoyed the biblical foundation of the message and the stations during the worship service.  I’ve never seen that before!

#5 - I think most of your small groups will be kicking off the Story of God study this week. I want to strongly encourage you to stay current, use the two open days each week to catch up if you do fall behind and by all means, finish.

#6 - Parents, take your family through the Story of God using the “Do You Devo?” Resource. You can pick it up each week or download it here.

#7 - On a personal note, my oldest son got engaged to a wonderful young woman last weekend. They’re visiting this coming weekend and so are our youngest and his wife, so Lois and I are pretty stoked about this weekend.

#8 - I’ll be wrapping up the Eat This Book series on the weekend. We’re looking at the last three of five questions we need ask when we read the Bible in order to read it well. No more ketchup on God’s Word. The following week I’m launching a three-week series on marriage. We’ll get back to Luke after that.

#9 - Kent and I are in CA first half of this week for a Small Groups Ministry workshop at North Coast Church. Very valuable time here. Small groups are so central to our ministry discipleship strategy that we're always trying to learn how to do it better. Kent is the best guy we could ever have leading this ministry. We are blessed.

Blessing to you, Pastor Henry