Wednesday Memo

Hi Five Oakers,

I have three things to share with you.

#1- Jerry Meras and his Miles4Meals team departed this morning. They'll drive straight through to CA and take off Saturday morning on their bikes. Twenty-one days, a hundred miles per day all the way back to MN! Pray for them. They're being hosted each night by churches all along the way. And they are raising money for Feed My Starving Children to be packed at our event in March. Follow them on Instamap and contribute here.

Here's the team this morning and the trailer with the bikes firmly strapped in.

Photo copy
Photo copy 2

#2- Check out the Bible HIStory Game for families put out by Rob Rinow of Visionary Family. Many of you attended the Visionary Parenting Conference led by Rob, and we're offering the Visionary Marriage Conference this fall.


#3- Here's a video of Gabby Douglas being interviewed by her pastor (EFree Church in Des Moines). I know the pastor from a yearly round-table meeting I attend in CA. 

God bless you all, Pastor Henry