Tuesday Memo

Hi Five Oakers,

I missed being with you last weekend. We took a trip to visit our son Henry Michael in Louisville and my cousin Henry and his family in the Chicago area. We were at Sojourn Church in Louiville (Midtown Campus) and loved it, but it looks like we missed a great service here. Check out the readings, songs and some pictures from the service here.

Here are your comments from the weekend.

  • The worship was a true blessing today!  Hosanna in the highest. 
  • Hooray!  My folks are here!  Neither know Jesus!
  • Thank you worship team!  Thank you Tim! We appreciate the teaching you provided and the truth you shared. 
  • Love the discipleship emphasis.  Best the worship team has ever sounded!  Amazing message of hope and mercy. 
  • Great message Tim and great job worship team!
  • Nice job Tim – very clear and effective.  Justin and music team A+++ 
  • YOUR LOVE NEVER FAILS – AMEN!!!!  Powerful worship set this week.  Helped me to open my heart to God’s love, truth and healing.
  • Awesome music this morning! 
  • Bring back “Sheryl Crow” with the guitar!  Wow! Love her voice!
  • First song after service was way too loud! 
  • Great prayer of confession – nice tie in to message.  Wonderful blessings of all the voices used in worship.  Great talent and gifts!

God bless you, Pastor Henry