Miles 4 Meals Update

Grueling and brutal is all I can say about the hills and temperatures our Miles 4 Meals team is facing. But they seem to be holding it together. Here's an update that came in from Jerry yesterday.

Sorry, that I haven't posted an update in a couple of days, but we have had limited internet connectivity. To catch all of you up, since that last time I emailed you, we have gone through Newberry Springs, CA and Bullhead City, AZ. Today, we began our ride in Needles, AZ and rode over some tough hills to east of Kingman, AZ. The heat did subside, somewhat. We only had to ride in 105 instead of the 116 we had riding into Needles. I almost brought out my riding jacket, brrr.

I have been overwhelmed by the incredible generosity our hosts have shown us. We have been truly blessed by the time we have been able to spend with each of them and the relationships we have built. Today, we are the guests of Journey Church at the home of Rex & Kathy.  Monday, we were the guests of City Bible Church at the homes of Ray & Barney, and Whitney & Kris. Sunday evening, we were the guests of Newberry Community Church at the homes of Pastor Vaughn & Molly and Harry & Mary. Pastor Vaughn invited us to their Sunday evening monthly communion service. It was a great service and a lot of fun meeting everyone at the service.

As we work our way across this wonderful country of ours, we have seen unbelievable sunrises in the deserts, and many fun and interesting sights, but remember we are not riding to sight see. We are out there to raise awareness and funds to pack 500,000 meals for starving children world-wide. Please tell your friends about what we are doing and follow our progress at Together, we will feed 1,370 starving children every day for a full year!

Thank you all for all your support. God bless! Jerry Meras

If you get a chance, go to the site and make a contribution (a big one if you can). If this event raises enough money, we can extend the days we will do the Feed event and reach our goal of 500,000 meals!

Also check out this article from the Woodbury Patch: "Miles for Meals Ride: 3 Dads from Woodbury, MN to Ride 2,000 Miles for Feed My Starving Children."