Tuesday Memo

Hi Five Oakers,

I have a couple of things I want to share with you today:

#1- You can review this last weekend's songs, readings, and prayers here.

#2- Here are your comments from the weekend service Communication Cards.

  • Loved the music! Wow! 
  • Loved the songs! 
  • Loved the harmony! 
  • THANK YOU FOR AN AWESOME HYMNAL SERVICE! My soul was fed this Sunday! Praise God!
  • ...liked hymn service – next time the praise songs from Maranatha (for Dan only). [She explained to me this was to pull Dan Lukas' leg...she's talking about all songs from the 80's and 90's for a service.]
  • Awesome music! I probably wouldn’t want it every week, but it’s a nice change once in a while. 
  • Loved this special hymn time singing – wonderful change! 
  • Loved the “choir” this morning – sounded beautiful. Thanks for changing up the worship. 
  • Loved the music!
  • Loved the music!
  • What a great message today Henry! Your energy, insight, and hard-lined message hits home. God deserves all of us –thanks for the reminder! [For the record, I went too long on Saturday. One of those days where, after working all week on my message, I rewrote the entire thing on Saturday (every word from scratch). No time to edit it down and lost track of time. Sorry, folks.]
  • Great job worship team! So bummed I didn’t have a guest here to see that. Never heard hymns so beautiful!
  • Love the hymns, so honest and pure! 
  • Really enjoyed this style of music. 
  • Great songs! 
  • Love the hymns!
  • Loved the hymns this morning! I agree with Dan – it connects us to believers from the past – all worshipping the same God past, present, and future. Wonderful and peace filled. Powerful message and worship! Thank you!
  • Really like the fact we’re doing benediction. Could we bring back non-gluten free wafers, PLEASE (can’t stand the taste of gluten free). [Here's the basics on gluten-free: It's taxing on volunteers who prepare communion (and staff who buy it, etc.) to offer options, and it's equally taxing to communicate those options when there is so much to communicate on a weekend. Keep the comments coming, though. It might change things. We might figure out a way to do this.]
  • Henry – message notes still have the “Principle of the Path” series title. [Oops.]
  • Let him love you as you are without a single plea for reform… it’s about grace! When I fully absorb the significance of His grace, I am inspired to be the BEST me! Thanks, for a great message, Henry! So nice to have you back! 
  • So refreshing and free to sing the beautifully penned words of the great hymns! Thank you! 
  • Loved the hymns – such great words and promises. 
  • Awesome words of 100’s of years ago that still minister now. This is what I need not to be entertained. Thanks. A nice mix would be great not total of either.
  • I absolutely loved this worship service – what a beautiful, reverent, simple, and powerful! Came to tears singing “It Is Well”. Love what you guys do in mixing things up. So meaningful today! Fantastic, fantastic message Henry. Thanks for being used! Welcome back. Loved the hymns. 
  • Singing “It Is Well With My Soul” and “Great Is My Faithfulness” was a great comfort after hearing this morning that a close friend died last night.
  • Loved the music. Maybe one “old hymn” a week. [Great idea. I've had it often. Even implemented it for a while years ago. Unfortunately it didn't work. It was like someone telling me I need to have a certain kind of story illustration in my message every week. It would feel forced and would often not fit the flow of my message. All of our songs have a purpose, the flow is different week to week and there a variety of other reasons it doesn't work well to mandate it. Anyway, that's why we don't do a hymn per week. Thanks, though, and keep the ideas coming. I completely resonate with the intention of it.]
  • Welcome back Henry! 
  • Welcome back Pastor Henry – you’ve been missed! Loved the hymn sing. Thanks for doing “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” Justin. 
  • Loved the music. Contemporary is great but traditional hymns are beautiful. 
  • Wonderful music – thank you! 
  • The hymns were so powerful today. The Holy Spirit was in our midst with the simplicity of words and melodies. Please do this again – the entire congregation was singing – beautiful! 
  • Loved the ladies singing and the hymns! [I also loved that three of those ladies are high schoolers (actually, two just graduated, to be exact).]
  • Thank you for the wonderful worship songs! Hymns were beautiful. 
  • Enjoy the singing today, so nice to hear the congregation singing. 
  • Love the hymns. 
  • Loved they hymn sing! What great messages in the song’s. 
  • The music was beautiful, loved the set up of the singers they did a fabulous job. I had chills and tears in my eyes. I was just very touched. Thank you. Great message. 
  • FANTASTIC music this week.  Thank you for bringing the simplicity of the hymns and the voices.  LOVED it.  Of course I love the regular band setting too, but the change was great for something different. [I get the distinct impression that people liked how Justin and the team mixed things up this week with the hymns.................but I could be wrong.]

It was GREAT to be back. I love you all and I'm blessed by you, Pastor Henry