Mid-Week Memo

Dear Five Oakers,

I have ELEVEN things I want to share with you today:

#1- I want to strongly encourage you to use the Commitment Cards we passed out this weekend for your personal giving planning. They are not to be turned in. But will you trust God more this year with your resources? Will you seek his leading in this area of your life? God owns it or it owns you.

#2- Loved the opening song for response this weekend. It was written by Dan Lukas, a meditation based on Psalm 139.

#3- We have a choir this coming weekend. You can sing in it if you come to rehearsal on Thursday evening from 7-9pm at our building. Email Justin if you plan on coming (jschaap@fiveoakschurch.org).

#4- We've got about 18 people in our Story of God small group experience at our house! We're going to find creative ways of getting everyone involved in the dialogues, which are so crucial for learning. This is so much fun. And I recently found out that one of our members is leading a Story of God experience at Stonecrest retirement community in Woodbury. More people reading the Bible with greater understanding and deeper impact.

#5- Got a very funny message on my voicemail from a friend of someone who signed up for Story of God. Wanted to ask me to cancel on the Super Bowl weekend so his friend could come to his party! Didn't leave a number. By the way, we're meeting earlier on that Sunday. I guess I'm not spiritual enough to miss the Super Bowl for a small group. :-)

#6- Here are some of the results from our last quarterly survey (the first one we've done online):

  • 63% participated in an Impact initiative in the last three months.
  • 67% volunteered in ministry at Five Oaks in the last three months.
  • 55% invited someone to Five Oaks in the last three months.

#7- Some responses from first-time guests:

  • We would have appreciated more information about the stations before the service (maybe on the website?).  Everything else was great.  We will visit again.
  • We enjoyed the service.  Very good sermon.

#8- The Diaper Drive for New Life Family Services brought in 4007 diapers + $50 cash donation! Thanks for your generosity. Check out their ministry here.

#9- Matches are being made right now for our Five Oaks trained mentors and the children in our partnership with Woodbury Elementary (Kids Hope USA). Woodbury Elementary identified 10 kids to participate. We had exactly 10 mentors go through training! And as of this past weekend we have exactly 10 prayer partners!! Simply amazing. I can't wait to get started. 

#10- LifeWay Christian Store in Woodbury has a sale going on right now for the ESV Study Bible for $24.49. I've not seen it that cheap anywhere. Go out and get it. Remember, if you buy the hard copy, it gives you access to the whole study Bible online. 

#11- This weekend we're continuing in our "EVERYTHING" series. We'll be looking at how EVERYTHING includes our influence. We're focusing our worship response on Communion with the small group leaders handling the elements. Music for the weekend includes:

  • "All Because of Jesus"
  • "How Great Thou Art"
  • "Here I am to Worship"
  • "Awakening"
  • "With Everything"
  • "Draw Me Close"
  • "Awesome is the Lord Most High"

I have a quick update from the orphanage in Haiti posting tomorrow. Some GREAT pictures.

I hope I get to see you on the weekend. Blessings to you,

Pastor Henry