Haiti Orphanage Update & Some Amazing Pictures

Jeff Schwartz and Wes Lindburg recently returned from an 8-day mission trip to the GVCM orphanage in Haiti. Last time Jeff was there was during the earthquake! Wes was with me on my first trip so he has seen immense change over the last few years. Here's a portion of their report:

A lot has changed since we were last down there two years ago!  From the perimeter wall, virtual classroom, library, radio station, playground, and food depot, to the school rooms being built right outside the front gate, it was a lot to take in on our first day.  Our mission was to run electric to the generator room, 3 depots, and the guard house. ...God is still working in big ways at the orphanage, not just in buildings, but in the people as well. Yves, Wilfred, and Jude are still going strong running the place and the children are as healthy and happy as I have ever seen them. One thing that stuck out to me was the amount of people who are attending services on Sunday, about 200!  God is good and His church is growing!