Weekend Messages: From Trying to Be Relevant to Demonstrating Relevance

(This is one in a series of posts I started last Thursday.)

This change is even more subtle than the last one. This one has more to do with what's going on in the mind of the preacher and the programming team...with how we think about what we are communicating each week.

The Bible is extremely relevant to our lives. More relevant than anything else, in spite of the language, time and cultural distance of the text.

Sometimes those of us who communicate the Bible fall into a bit of trap in our thinking. We focus too much on the vast cultural divide and the differences and difficulties in understanding the text and applying it. We then begin to think we need to make it relevant. 

But it already is relevant. Our task is to demonstrate its relevance. When we think implications more than specific applications (see last post), I think we're on the right track. We're looking more for what we learn about God, our world, our relationships and ourselves, rather than trying to find a way to help people apply it right away in their lives.