Weekend Messages: From Application to Implication

We''ve been making some changes in our approach to our weekend messages over the last few months. Some are very subtle and some are less so. None of these changes imply criticism of what you use to do or what other churches do. They are simply a different way of accomplishing the same mission Christ called us to. I'm going to do a series of posts on what those changes are and the why behind them.

From Application to More Implication

This one is really subtle. By "application" I mean offering very specific ways to apply the text. For example, one application from last week's message was to attend the Leadership Summit this summer. We will continue to offer specific applications in our weekend messages.

But we will make more room for considering the implications of the text. "Implication" asks a broader and sometimes deeper question: If this principle/truth/doctrine we see in this passage is true, what are the implications/consequences for how we think about everything and how we live in this world, personally and corporately? Driving home the implication question seeks to bring about fundamental changes in the way we think. It seeks to penetrate the heart and mind for broader and deeper life change that comes from a deeper appreciation of the implications of the gospel for our lives. 

Implication asks more "What difference does this make?" and less "What should I do?" Doing is vitally important, but the goal is greater long-term change that comes from true, deep repentance and a renewed mind.