Story of Jesus Series Poll - My Observations

Thank you to all who weighed in on whether my series on The Gospel of Mark after Easter should be an 8-week or 15- to 20-week series. Great feedback.

Did you notice that the people who wanted the longer series gave longer answers for the most part?

There were three major concerns in the answers and I love and resonate with all three:

  • Go deep and wide: A lot of people were concerned that if we covered Mark in eight weeks it would not go deep enough or, if the messages went deep enough, we would have to miss a lot of the story. 
  • The mighty mo: A lot of people felt that shorter would be better because it would maintain momentum and not lose steam, especially with summer coming and the attendance patterns of summer (as well as a few confessions of short attention spans).
  • The guest factor: A lot of people were concerned about guests. If someone visits our church late in a long series, they feel like they've missed too much. And it's so much easier to invite someone to an 8-week series.

There are no wrong answers on this. All of this is good. So what will I do? Tune in tomorrow for a surprise.